GoGirl Volunteer Center (GoGirlVolunteer.com)This online platform is being built and will serve as a place for girls and women to visit and interact, to learn about various charities and volunteer opportunities available in their area, and provide them with ideas for how to give back and pay-it-forward. 
The site will be video-rich, showcasing real women rolling up their sleeves and volunteering at a soup kitchen, at a women's shelter or bringing toys to kids in a poor area.  These videos will be produces by the GoGirl Worldwide Foundation and will also be promoted on social media to help build awareness of the "Joy In Giving" and bring eyeballs into the GoGirl Volunteer Center and the many charities it promotes.​  

"GoGirl!  Let's Pay-It-Forward to others!  The "Joy In Giving"

is what this world needs!"


- Jennifer Murphy Founder

GoGirl Worldwide Foundation


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